Read “Absorption” by Lucy Zhang

Chosen by me as the Harbor Review Editor’s Prize 2022 winner, from my foreword: “What draws me to micro chapbooks is the forced transparency that happens to each poem from confinement of numerical inclusion. With large collections of poetry, some poems are more engrossing than others. In Lucy Zhang’s micro chapbook, Absorption, each poem has equal ability and power to “mold glutinous rice around our bones.”

Absorption highlights everyday experience to give readers a deeper sense of absorption—deeper than environment, than skin, than muscle—documenting the experience of “nitrogen crush[ing] my lungs, alveoli popping like bubble wrap.” Zhang turns the action of absorption into a poetic homage to the nanoscopic aspects of experience…”

Read Lucy’s 10 beautiful poems at Harbor Review today!

Delta                                                                                         by Kristiane Weeks-Rogers

Read my new poem, Delta at The Coop: a poetry cooperative!

The Coop: A Poetry Cooperative

When the sun lasts long enough to fade color out of objects, all I want to do is lay still but I squirm through the ashen sky. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I wish I didn’t have a body. That is all to say I think it’s a good idea to be a part of a glacial crevasse or maybe loam along the river delta. When I was fourteen, there was nothing I wanted more than hands on skin, and skin and skin and there was one night with those wanted hands around my throat but I didn’t know that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to be in my body and feel it squeezed. Without a body, there is no need for reflection. But I recall how both my hands embrace the cold sweat of a dark Yuengling bottle while I sit facing the sun’s…

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Enter Harbor Review’s Jewish American Woman’s poetry prize!

I am so excited to introduce Harbor Review’s inaugural opening for our new poetry contest: The Jewish American Woman’s poetry prize!!

Check out submission details on Harbor Review’s website here.

Submit to the contest on Submittable, here!

This first contest will be judged by Nancy Naomi Carlson.

Submissions close April 30th. Good luck, you beautiful Jewish women. We are so honored to be able ot honor you!

Have you read Self-Anointment with Lemons ?

You bought the ticket, took the ride, now it’s time to review! 

I can’t express enough how thankful I am to you for supporting me in the arts. There is one final ask I have — please give a little review of my book. 

There are two (main) places to give a review of this book –

The first is directly on the publisher’s (Finishing Line Press) website where you made the purchase, here.

1. From this page where my book is located, simply scroll down to the DESCRIPTION section of the webpage. 

2. Here, there is a tab next to Description which states Reviews. Click this tab to locate the short form to leave a review!

The second is on Amazon. Click here to leave a review on Amazon.

Whether you enjoyed it, found it sad, or complex, your review will help future potential buyers see what this is about and real readers’ responses.