Lady Mantid

I spot her, blending with the green surroundings,
her long, thin armsand her curved abdomen looks smooth and inviting
as she calls me toward her, arms folding like Venus Traps.
I can see your destiny, Love, she speaks to me,
if you would like to see…
And her eyes appear as green round fortune-tellers orbs
so I trust her.I can see her vision is expanding
and she can see miles away through ruby roses,
through canopies of branches, through me.
She looks so poised and harmless, so awe-inspiring,
perched with her long green scythes folded
 like silk fans. I’m stuck in her gaze,
her tiny jaws expand into a wide grin.
And now I realize my destiny, too, as the components
of her mouth razor through my body, razor through my skeleton.
This is the way of Mother Nature, her bite assures me,
and I am consumedin whole,asI give my life to her.


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