Message to the Mainland

Message to Mainland

No bible lesson, no self-help book
no intrinsic order in the world taught me
becoming an adult means I have to sit
on the starboard side and witness
numerous shipwrecks, so much loss
that I can’t do anything about.

There’s nothing written in the sky, no,
Florida sun and waves won’t save seamen
Florida sun and waves can’t drown self-doubt, baby,
but you sure knew how to dowse it on.
That heartbreak will wash up on shore, sure,
but you can’t bury it in the sand it won’t fit
there’s no place on Earth that big.
Put that in a book on adulthood, throw it on land.

I’ll be the one who shouts to shore:
don’t sail too far from land
don’t lay anchor on a sailor’s heart
don’t even attempt to tie a rogue sea beast,
you will never keep any man still or tame him,
you will never tame any creature you catch,
it’s the way of water: where ever you put the
reel will ravage you, all creatures
are weatherworn and frenzied.

Frenzies will put you in the belly of the whale
but don’t sink yet. It will be difficult, you must
be patient. Even in the belly of the beast you
should always know the Earth is small, you
will float back to the sun again.


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