Only in ‘Merica

It has to be the heat
that causes sun-spotted
crusty old guys, in their signature
Mega Truck equipped with Mega Wheels
for Mega Crunching Over Small Cars,
to chase a toy car into the parking lot
of a Walgreens, block the car in after it’s
parked.Which means “I’ll kill you!” has to be
derived from that hospitable Southern drawl,
pure charm carrying a shotgun to
wave at the driver of the toy car
that cut off Mega Truck on the highway.

Who said you learn a man’s true character
by watching the way they react in a time of panic?
They hit epiphany in the South, watching others
react to road rager with his shotgun, reacting to
guys hopped up with dissolved bath salts in the brain.
“Only in the South” you calmly react the only way
you know how, shaking your head as you pass
waves of heat,until you’re walking down the streets
of Chicago and find two men, browned and covered
in foliage, eating the head of pigeons,
intestines of roadkilledpossums.


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