Using Science to Create Super Heroes: An Essay

There are many types of experiments. Archaeology experiments look into ways of solving the age-old crisis of fitting dinosaurs into The Bible, while psychology experiments try to explain why Hitler was insane. Either way it’s spun, experiments are looking for answers. These answers are searched and attempted to be pulled out of the air to make a change in the world. These answers are sought after time and time again to find a solution to a problem. However, through the millions of millions of dollars spent on all different types of experiments, there’s only one necessary kind of experiment that should be done in order to answer every problem. The type of experiment that should be focused on the most is the experimental Super Hero. Society needs super heroes for more than saving simple cats out of trees and petty theft, but for a whole field of knowledge and peace that is more than necessary in times like today. People submit themselves to psychological testing all the time, and it’s time we donate ourselves to science to better all of humanity. We, as a society, should put our tax dollars into people submitting themselves in the middle of science gone wrong to improve the future.

            Think about it. The only way for a real hero to be made is through experimentation. What about America’s real heroes? Where are the firemen and police officers that cleared the way and risked their lives beating through the rubble of September 11th? Those officers and firemen are run down. Most of them, thanks to the quick thinking of American health care, are out of work, dealing with lung problems and trying to raise money for all the sick heroes America glorified for a year. Now, if we’re comparing reality to comic books, then the next question is what about Batman? Batman had no mystical powers but an endless ocean of money that could buy him gadgets and gizmos to save New York City from human penguins, guys in iceboxes, and jesters and jugglers gone insane. So, do we turn to our high society money-makers to spend the dollars they carelessly sleep on to a life of peace-keeping and understanding? Have they done anything yet? The closest to a Batman the world has is Bill Gates, and his donations to random hospitals and churches and fundraisers isn’t really a heroic act. High-class society has, and always will have a chance to be a Bruce Wayne, but the world cannot wait for the rich folk to get up and make a difference to lives that aren’t fawning over them. So, we must rely on those who are willing to donate themselves for the better of humanity, as super hero, who can save us all from everything we don’t want.

            The only big problem in making super heroes besides selfish Bruce Waynes is ethics of experimentation. Many, if not all civilized people can agree that putting people into experiments to see if they can come out with powers is absurd. As experimenters, there needs to be an assurance of positive comfort, health, and humane treatment. This is a big wall standing in the way of universal peace and a greater knowledge of life. There’s an entire manual dedicated to the ethical principles and conduct of experiments. Some problems are those of dignity and rights. However, this, although risky can be easily solved. The APA Handbook of Ethics and Code of Conduct states that if any experiment conflicts with “law, regulations, or other governing legal authority, experimenters make known their commitment to the Ethics Code and take steps to resolve the conflict.” Furthermore, if society doesn’t quite see eye to eye with the reasons and morals of the making of super heroes, all that needs to be done is a quick clarification and “resolve the conflict in a way that permits adherence to the Ethics Code.” So really, all that needs to be done to tear down the wall of ethics and humanity is getting everyone on the same page, and honestly, who in the world won’t want a super hero except for North Korea?    Once all of society is ready to make super heroes, one other question could arise. Bordering on the edge of ethics is the question of process. The process of making a super hero spans across a wide spectrum of possibilities. From the books, super heroes are made from a variety of science gone wrong. Spiderman was bitten by a spider, obviously, and Dr. Manhattan was closed in a neuron splitting machine and became blue and emotionless, yet powerful. The Green Lanterns had specially formulated rings that grant intense power to the wearer over the physical world, where the body connects to the power in the ring, and The Hulk was exposed to gamma radiation from a test bomb. The problem with these instances is the process of becoming these heroes. Any volunteer can choose to be bitten by a radioactive spider or thrown into the middle of a neuron separator in the name of science, but it isn’t something many people would do willingly. Every one of these super heroes was a part of an accident. A solution to this, to calm the volunteers donating themselves to science, would be a shot or a pill or gas to ease the mind, or even have an unconscious procedure.

            The last issue on could bring up negatively is the possibility of death. Although life is a huge value to most people, all good things come from good sacrifices. Without the death of many presidents and pioneers of America, where would we be? The ultimate present to the future is death. Many have died trying to make the world a better place, and many more will continue to do so, like the soldiers in the wars of the Mid East. Who is anyone to deny making the world a better place? Self sacrifice is an even greater value than life. Ralph Waldo Emerson even expressed how “Self-sacrifice is the real miracle out of which all the reported miracles grow” without being a selfless individual, no other human can move forward and take in and spread the miracles that super heroes can bring to the world.

            By donating ourselves to the science of super heroes, so much good can come out of it. By taking money out of other, less important experimentation, the funds wouldn’t be an issue. Perhaps America wouldn’t host the super hero fund. Maybe one of the global health care countries would waste tax dollars and government money to make the super heroes. beyond funds, the experiments could give the world a better and broader view of the insight of mind and body. The medical field would flourish at the new chemical reactions of the internals of humanity and deep understanding of the human body. Experimenters could really dig deep into the human body and mind to develop and explain phenomenons like diseases in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth, such as cancer. By using different techniques and finding ways to transform cells in a body to radiate immense strength or turn bones into indestructible steel, we can discover ways to control the growth of harmful cells. We could possibly find a cure for cancer.

            If cancer isn’t solved through learning and manipulating cells and other internal devices, a similarly important thing can happen. Super heroes are the ultimate peace keepers. New York City was never safer from bank robberies, rapists, and outer space symbiotes that bond with other living organisms in order to survive and destroy humanity. Super heroes can do so much, with no racial limits or prejudices against any country or any individual person. Super Heroes can go overseas and stop mindless violence with the shake of a finger. In a strictly American light, no one would mess with the west, because a firm, slightly threatening force would strangle the peace into the world. Selfish countries would share gas at a low price, and if one super hero experiment works out, others could be super, too. The flying super heroes could save gas and fuels that destroy the layers of the Earth and cause global warming. World hunger? Super heroes could solve that. Super heroes could fly instantly to countries in need of food, without shipping costs. There is no downfall of a super hero, which is what makes them so super.

            The world needs to start donating people to science. Many humans already donate their time to psychology experiments on sleep and placebos, so it wouldn’t be a big change in lifestyle. Those who want to serve the greater good will serve the good, and those who want to resist and protest with picket signs that super heroes are the devil can continue on their own way as well. No one would be forced into a lifestyle of constant saving and playing world keeper. But who wouldn’t want that job? Super heroes are fawned over for doing great things. Super heroes never have a forbidding conscious of wrong, and can always sleep soundly at night for treating the world the way every human should be treating each other. Super heroes would epitomize and help all of humanity that the world is full of miracles and wonder, and respect and peace towards all.


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