Talking Fire—An Erasure

Sun woke           loud

saying “try”.

only the second           chosen

speak    personally

aren’t you more attentive?

burn you              window I

wake     up.                      I can’t hang around

late was

a lot more prompt


see if I’m going

to put in an appearance.

I tried

to apologize

so close?


“Frankly I

see a lot

on earth, but

heard  crazy.                   Not me.

atmosphere,     too      short

If you don’t appear

I like it.                  Not

everyone can look up,

hurt      eyes.

Oh Sun,

I’m watching.                    slide down

between                 to get your

Manhattan, but

embrace               appropriate          space.

inclination,  heavens

which I doubt.

Maybe we’ll

speak again in Africa,

Go back to

my farewell.

No     calling


“Who are they?”


calling         you…

Darkly he,      and then I, slept.

–“A True Account of Talking to the Sun at Fire Island” Frank O’Hara


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