I Can’t Look At You Any Other Way

Take it as a song, a black
vapor hanging in the sky, low

enough to engulf the Rockies,
replaying in a dream of your face:

Low-light eyes fading, he paves
the waves flat and leaves me

to wander the dawn alone–I pick
hydrangea through the haze.

It was your fault stars didn’t
align for us, plagues from your tongue

and arms. There’s shrines lined
against the wall, sand rounding

us off–no protection. Daylight,
we sleep the haze away to find

darkness at moonlight. Murmurs
again, they hold me, sing to me

until all I can think about is lying
under shade in this wind-ruled city.

Feeling chills to raise me up, ghosts
of hunters, hinterlands, hollow bones…


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