Apparition Movement

You don’t know you have me
where you need me, right now–

Ready to jump ship, downcast into
pools of your caprices, salted

by swirling jet-streams. Even
with constant sting in my eyes,

dive deeper into your atomic
mind, disregard for hazards,

radiation. Real desire for touch,
skies full of plumage–We’ve all

never meant to hurt someone
(on purpose…) I don’t want

to set the world on fire to watch
it burn, just to get some sensation

under the skin of ghosts still stuck
in limbo between grazing over

the earth and condensing to live inside…
Our bones like knives, they need

sharpening: too soft around edges.
You know this land, slowly sinking

below sea level on a constant basis,
don’t come near. I’ll drag you below,

locate the depth where it isn’t too late
to call you into the oyster with me…


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