Cardinal feather and sage bundle
smoking in the sill, ritual to find
any answer. He asked me to pierce

his lips and I was so cursed I
would have pierced his ribcage
if he’d of asked–guide a needle

through every curve, knot his
heart in place so it can’t escape him
or me… I feel the same, not changing

as fast as Midwestern skies: white,
bleak, gray haze. They wonder why
so many teens are choosing

to medicate and blink out instead
of droning through crossroads
Nowhere and Dirt Road, but is it

really that difficult to empathize?
We’re done waking to painful sunshine,
feeling half of who we are, unable

to wash out demands from our throats.
Break every expectation the sun
will rise again tomorrow, so tired

of circling the same track of cosmos


One thought on “Incantation

  1. this poem certainly touches my empathy for the young people who wake to “painful sunshine.” and i can imagine that living near the crossroads of “Nowhere and Dirt Road” could be really depressing. you’ve written a poem of some power, and that takes skill.


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