There doesn’t have to be a word
to describe you, although lavender
and clocks come to mind.

He tells me we share yellow
energy: dawn rising together,
and I don’t tell him it’s just an old

trope I’ve melted before. Down,
like silver from his hands
I keep shiny, make teeth,

fuse cores to find sawdust, raw.
Our heroes blind-folded in front
of everyone–who’s untouchable now?

In the summer with a chance of a nickel-
and-dime win, we weren’t
controlling wires threading between

our spines, red string beaming the best
way for me… Sultry extortionist, these
are monsters: everybody wants something.


One thought on “Siren

  1. so many interesting lines and images. “and I don’t tell him it’s just an old// trope I’ve melted before” is such a cool image. it begins a section where the persona becomes a metallurgist (alchemist?) with secrets. the situation is threatening (“Our heroes blind-folded in front/of everyone) and there are monsters and a sultry extortionist, as well. This is creative stuff.

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