Someone in California Called This Morning

and I dreamt of you, clogging
the highways with your earth-bound

eyes set toward sundown.
Of course, Mercury is in retrograde

and I’m not wearing sage around my
neck like a cross (as I should be),

warding off the curves bound to turn–
car faces ripped half-off like

Frankenstein’s shiny poor monster.
Virgos are tested the hardest,

astral swings against energy
we haven’t figured out how to control

ourselves but your hands are warding
off a different black energy flowing

from the west… It’s only fair since
I can’t appreciate the sunrise,

can’t love you back or care enough
in these recent days, melting

into mountain streams falling further
than we can see, waves down and up,

blinded. Either way, I will continue
to change with every full moon.


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