Endors Toi

Sunrise, inflate. Difficult
to behave like a proper totem

with gem-cut eyes soldered
to skin day after day, sound

of my voice not haunting (yet),
trying to balance movement

with permanent tripwires
set into place like light on a track

across the bluing skies–Give us
more time, we want to keep

connecting our dots, need shadows
to see… We’re all deep-sea dwellers

with too many tentacles to feel
with, not feel enough to float

forward, sense the black. I can’t
cast a spell on you, song over-chanted

with no control, drift away like quicksilver,
but won’t escape gray eyes glowing

in the twilight, stars blinking in or out
like your devoutness towards me.


3 thoughts on “Endors Toi

  1. I really like this poem–it’s got a great sense of balance, and some really interesting imagery (I especially like the lines about “a proper totem / with gem-cut eyes soldered / to skin” and having “too many tentacles to feel / with, not feel enough to float / forward, sense the black”). Also I like how the stanza break between “balance movement” and “with permanent tripwires” helps create the tension and balance you’re describing within the poem.


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