Holiday Survival Guide 2016

“53 percent majority of those celebrating say they’re not very or not at all likely to discuss politics during their dinner”
Incredibly sad! Disturbing! I truly believe there is NEVER a reason to stop talking and being open with those closest to you.


Find crazy Aunt Trish’s liquor cabinet, hide in the bathroom with a bottle, and vent to us here.
– Shawnie Hamer

I was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. You may have heard it get made fun of by Chandler’s dad on Friends, or driven through it on your way to Las Vegas. If you haven’t experienced it, there is a big thing you need to know: it probably shouldn’t be in California.

Bakersfield is basically the metaphorical wart on the beautiful, liberal, democratic face that the rest of the country believes is the West Coast. What the rest of the country forgets, however, is that there is a giant middle part of the state— a giant, flat, hot middle— that was established by descendants of the Dust Bowl migration.

Bakersfield is oil and farming. It is get married and have babies before the age of 25. It is conservative…

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