Deep Listening

Under an accord: walking through,
little walk
counting bricks pushing
upward, when the worst is…

And I saw her unblinking,
watching the tide go home.
And I saw her as she tries, trials, says she’s at a loss

or forgot (words providing more ways to unravel).

The sea will undoubtedly talk,
walk away
with no regard,
but the fish do not.

See her like a song through water, a power coasting
in any other way,
any other fellow feeling, look any

other way,
leave it to the weather.
Disappointment, she said, begets contempt,
so we washed hands

I didn’t have to even ask.

I think we’ll slow down,
won’t drown in the waves

until the violence is over,
ripping through the old dogwood drifting,
see the hope,

see it unfurl
left on the front porch—

Does my body go,
if we don’t even know the difference?


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