Dia #135: Actitud Amistosa

Tome una actitud amistosa hacia sus pensamientos

*translation by me from MIND WRITING SLOGANS by Allen Ginsberg, published by Kavyayantra Press, 2011, Naropa University


Dia #134: Pensamiento


Situation or Primary Perception:

Primer pensamiento, mejor pensamiento


*translation by me from MIND WRITING SLOGANS by Allen Ginsberg, published by Kavyayantra Press, 2011, Naropa University

Dia #132: Aimee Herman

“I am in this way because of razorblades and menstrual cycle and poetry and Lou Reed and unfiltered appetite and body hair…” (Aimee Herman, Poetics Statement)

Soy quien soy because of poetry and horror films and Little Debbie Swiss cakes and sunworshopping and not knowing how to befriend my curls and being a girl who kept her door locked while her brothers played together at _____________.

Dia #131: CAConrad

“We are not alone in our particular stew of molecules and the sooner we admit, even admire the influence of this world, the freer we will be to construct new chords of thought without fear…
(Soma)tics is a new word, the “o” a long “o.” This word is simultaneously two words: Soma and Somatic. It’s the mutations occurring when these wires cross where the poems can be found…
It is our duty as poets and others who have not lost our jagged, creative edges to FILL that gap, and RESIST the urge to subdue our spirits and lose ourselves in the hypnotic beep of machines, of war, in the banal need for power, and things. With our poems and creative core, we must RETURN THIS WORLD to its seismic levels of wildness” -CAConrad, DON’T TAKE ANY SHIT! (Soma)tic Poetics Primer

There are many gaps, and the answer to fill them all
is writing

writing for self-healing, writing for/against violence, eco-poets!
Write to fill in every gap humans have heeled into land,
do you know where your healing crystals come from?

write for answers, truth, your Truth, combined Truth,
we are all adding to what it means to live in truth, so why not just write it out?

Write it out, so we can web it together, stitch-by-stich of any medium and color
you see fit for connecting lines,
we can make a mandala of out words,
look how gorgeous they are when
are they juxtaposing–no–shining
against each

Dia #130: Cole Krawitz

in a blossom/ a knowing, a clarity/ to fall and burst/ and bud and burst/ to temper the sunlight’s solidity–/petals, ceremonious, holy, as if/ maybe, a song, or the high note/ a diva hits/ her arms outstretched/ waking up the light -Cole Krawitz, splendor

I want language,
my words
to shift a sensation in my readers, if only
for a flicker;
I want language to move
like a song can move you,
I want sentences to pop like a funk-beat
beating beyond time’s